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      Why is Koa different?

      There's more than just beans. By upcycling the white pulp of the cocoa fruit, we increase the income for cocoa farmers. This extra pay surpasses the premium price paid by known certification labels. For the cocoa pulp, we pay farmers a minimum of $ 344 income increase per ton of dried cocoa beans. Common certifications typically pay $ 70-240 of extra income.

      At Koa, we stand for direct trade and paying the farmers on the harvest day via mobile money. This ensures that the money reaches the farmer directly and at the same time, allows you to trace the payments back to the origin.

      Let's be transparency ninjas

      You want 100% transparency, just like we do. Get full proof that the payment has reached the cocoa farmers. To give you full confidence, we use blockchain and verify every single transaction.

      And if you're now thinking: Is Koa paying the farmers with Bitcoins? Don't worry! We pay farmers with real money. Blockchain is, simply put, a technology that can record anything of value with full transparency.

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      The Koa way

      At Koa, we spot the potential to empower people. In 2017, we had the sparkling idea of how to contribute to sustainable growth in rural Ghana. We discovered that the cocoa fruit has much to offer besides the beans. The fruit pulp lets us increase farmers’ income, create new jobs in rural areas and is a resource for added value for the people and planet.

      No Poverty
      By collaborating with us, small-scale farmers increase their income. At the same time, our staff receives fair salaries and operates under attractive working conditions.
      Supported SDGs
      No Poverty
      Gender Equality
      Decent Work & Economic Growth
      Responsible Consumption & Production

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