What makes the difference?

Did you know there is more than cocoa beans? In collaboration with the start-up Koa, we make use of the white pulp of the cocoa fruit to pay an extra income to cocoa farmers. This income is paid directly to the smallholders, without going through middlemen. Koa pays the farmers on the same day and via mobile money. This ensures that the money is paid directly while allowing you to trace the payments back to the origin.

Combining creativity and responsibility

At Oberweis, we are committed to creating value in our products. In our search for the best cocoa, we always favour production from identifiable, organoleptically interesting value chains within a preserved ecosystem.

By buying cocoa as directly as possible, we strive to reduce the number of intermediaries in the chain. We believe that the pastry of tomorrow should be reasonably indulgent, and naturally good. Thus, let's do it.

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