SOCHILI is putting social impact on the map. We firmly believe that by growing chilies and selling delicious hot sauces, we will do good and scale our impact.

The journey towards becoming a fully sustainable company is a long one, but going down this path - step by step - we are already creating a lot of impact along the way!

The main focus of our impact is on the farmers and their families, whom we support with first-time access to solar power and fair trade to a self-determined life.

Access to electricity

With each hot sauce, farmers and their families are given access to electricity for the first time. With the SOCHILI GOOD PLAN we enable people in rural Senegal to access electricity free of charge. 

In cooperation with the Africa GreenTec Foundation, SOCHILI pays the electricity bills for the farmers for a whole year, including the initial purchase of sockets and light bulbs. 

With the first access to electricity we empower the local people and create the basis for further growth. And every hot sauce helps. 1 hot sauce = 1 day of power.

Supported SDGs
Affordable and Clean Energy
Partnerships for the Goals
Fair business
Sustainably grown


There's more to chilies than just heat! With their cultivation, SOCHLI supports farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa. We not only provide farmers with access to fair and direct trade, but are also committed to creating a basis for further growth.

And here, electricity plays a major role. Without light, clean water or refrigeration, opportunities for economic growth and self-determination are compromised. And the sad truth: This effects every second person in rural Senegal as 50% of the rural population has no access to electricity.

This is where we want to help โ€“ Each hot sauce enables one day of power. 1 hot sauce = 1 day of power!

Next step
Field in Sipane ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ณ
Ndiemane, Thiรจs, Senegal

๐ŸŒถ๏ธ The chilies are grown by Senegalese farmers in rural Senegal (West Africa). We work with a farm that is both organic and Fair Trade certified and places as much emphasis on social impact as we do.

๐Ÿ”œ Important: Until the chilies have ripened in Senegal, weโ€™re using Spanish chilies for the first hot sauces. The revenue from the first sauces allows us to invest in structures in Senegal.

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